Series 16000 Ceramic Carbonation Stones

The Series 16000 ceramic carbonating stones ensure uniform carbonation of beer in storage tanks. The uniform porosity of Zahm ceramic carbonating stones produces extremely fine dispersion of CO² gas and uniform gas flow directly into the tank for optimal speed of solution. This method of carbonation produces a finer foam head and improves the keeping quality of the beer. Introduction of minutely divided gas into the bottom of the tank causes an active circulation or rollover, which eliminates stratification of gas content and aids removal of dissolved air inadvertently introduced into the beer during processing.

The Zahm control valve assembly, consisting of relief and regulating valves, stop valves and gauges, maintains a constant differential pressure across the stones and uniform gas flow. The valves are so arranged that the head space pressure is transmitted to the regulating valve, automatically increasing the supply pressure to the stone by the same amount as the head space pressure and thereby, maintaining throughout the operations a uniform differential pressure across the stone. Hence, if we start with a supply pressure of 13 lbs. and atmospheric exhaust, then after the relief valve is closed, as the head space pressure increases to 5 lbs., the supply pressure should be at 18 lbs and when we reach the relief pressure of 15 lbs, then the supply pressure to the stone should be 28 lbs. This apparatus requires minimal attention yet is unexcelled in the production of carbonated beer.

The entire system is designed with great attention to sanitation. The stones are easily removed for flushing and cleaning. Stone flushing racks (series 16700) are available to simplify the cleaning of stones, thereby insuring a uniform flow rate. Racks can be ordered to clean from 2-12 stones at a time. Stone holders and mounting elbows are constructed from polished, stainless steel, and all parts exposed to beer have smooth rounded surfaces. A combination check valve and washer system in the holder prevents beer from backing up into the gas supply line.

[Note: Prior to purchasing or building new BBTs, please call us to discuss the stone and mounting options recommended for your application. This information can then be passed on to the tank manufacturer to help ensure the correct size and placement of the stone mounting hardware.]

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