Series 19000 Stainless Steel Carbonation Stones

The Series 19000 carbonating system is designed and manufactured to meet the special requirements of small and medium size breweries. The polished stainless steel units are available as assemblies, consisting of carbonating stones with associated holders and gaskets. The unit can be attached to the tank wall with a tri-clamp or can be used with any other Zahm & Nagel connection. Optionally, an arm extension can be used to place the carbonating stone further into the tank. Used in either configuration, the unit is easily accessible from the outside of the tank when a tri-clamp (model 19000 TC) is welded to the unit or the arm extension.

The assembled unit can be simply and completely disassembled for cleaning. The units come equipped with the unique Zahm check valve assemble with prevents beer back-up into CO² gas supply lines. External adapters may be attached to connect with any CO² system.

[Note: Prior to purchasing or building new BBTs, please call us to discuss the stone and mounting options recommended for your application. This information can then be passed on to the tank manufacturer to help ensure the correct size and placement of the stone mounting hardware.]

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