The Model 8000-P is an extremely accurate pneumatic gauge tester. It is simple to use and requires no messy oils or lubricants. Cost is much less than a comparable dead weight tester. Unit comes standard with a 100 psi NIST certified test gauge. Standard test gauge has been calibrated at 5 points: 30, 35, 40,…

SKU: 8000-P

Product Description

Since pressure gauges subjected to agitation frequently go out of adjustment, means for easily detecting and correcting such error is imperative, particularly when the gauge reading is critical, as in use with the Series 1000/2000 Zahm CO² Gas Volume Meters and the various Zahm Piercing Devices. The Zahm Gauge Tester (Series 8000) provides a highly accurate means of re-calibrating pressure gauges in the laboratory.

NOTE: Pressure gauges can be re-calibrated by mounting them directly to one of the three adapters supplied with the instrument. If checking the gauges on either the Series 1000/2000 CO2 Volume Meters, the gauge does not have to be removed from the Volume Meter. The connection can be made directly to the Gauge Tester via the Volume Meter’s clamping device and P/N 8081 adapter with bleeder valve.

Be sure to use the correct adapter for the gauge being tested as gauges with 1/2-20 and 1/4 NPT bottom connections are similar in appearance. The Zahm & Nagel gauge with bleeder valve is a 1/2-20 thread while all other gauges are 1/8 NPT or 1/4 NPT pipe threads.

NOTE: Replacement parts are still available for Mercury Volume Gauge Testers. Contact factory for parts list and pricing.


8051 G.T. Base 8081 Adapter With Bleeder Valve
8052 Gauge Tester Body 8082 Needle Puller
8055 Test Gauge 8083 Needle Set
8057 Stud 8084 Hose
8058 Nut 8085 Hose Clamp
8060 Gasket 8086 Hose 8″
8061P Well Cylinder 8088 Adapter
8067R New Style Hand Pump 8089 Adapter
8068 Adapter 8090 Adapter